Who is this about?

I’m Zog, the sole author and main protagonist of this blog. Zog was originally my stage name for a Christmas play (script available here that I enacted at school in December of 2011. I since retained that name in select places for reasons that should become evident as you continue to read this blog.

I own another blog with my real name attached to it where I ramble on about things of far less personal nature than this one. So obviously, if you don’t know who I am, it should be nigh impossible to find my other blog.

The first posts of this blog are about Fran, another person whose pseudonym originates from that play. Fran was my ‘high-school sweetheart’, so to speak and for a very long time, was someone I loved and felt love from. That ended in early 2016 and my emotional and logical faculties degenerated for the few months that followed. The purpose of this blog, therefore, was to document everything that I wrote in this time period but has since evolved to include other topics of discussion and will hopefully continue to do so. The true nature of my relationship with Fran is a mystery, one where I cannot ascertain the faults or misgivings of but time will only make things clearer. Before our relationship ended the way it did, I would have considered it fallacious to think that there was anything wrong with us. I still feel that way for the most part, but I don’t live in absolute ignorance anymore and am capable of considering the shortcomings that existed then. Ignorance was bliss though and it’s still difficult to embrace those faults sometimes given the time that was spent refining that relationship.

Everyone has their first heartbreak or so I’ve heard. It’s definitely an experience and through that I realized that you’re not in complete control of yourself in such times. This blog attempts to document that. Continue your reading journey here.