I want to be very clear, I’m writing this blog for myself. I’m even making this declarative statement right now only to convince me of this fact further. My writings have zero consideration for readers, current or prospective. If you are reading this and everything else on this blog though, know that I’ve not written this with you in mind. Your emotion is alien to me while I type any of this. Furthermore, the only reason you’re here, is because I made you aware that this blog exists. I trusted you.

You should also know that I have placed the burden of knowledge upon you. As I said in one of the earlier posts, you are being laden with an unadulterated, unfiltered and crystal clear translation of my thoughts. If you think I’m crazy, leave. If you think your opinion of me is turning sour against your will, leave. But I cannot change the contents contained herewith merely to appease you. I will not. This blog is my playground, it is my sandbox and because I made it, I can fucking do whatever I want to do with it.

This is where I take a stand. This place? It’s mine.

EDIT (23rd November, 2016): I wasn’t wrong, the disclaimer above needs to exist. This probably doesn’t apply to the vast majority of people reading this. I just realised that I’m talking about a vast majority of a quantity that is statisticallly insignificant. Oh well.

I knew that at one point, me writing about my entire thing with Fran would get old. I can successfully report that it has finally happened. So in lieu of this event, I will spend more time explaining this. (TBD)